Quisp Cereal

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Quisp Cereal

Quisp Cereal is a saucer-shaped, crunchy corn cereal. Quisp, the infamous pink alien in the green spacesuit, and his Quazy Energy Cereal were first introduced in 1965. Quickly, the cereal became a kids' favorite. In the early 70s, Quisp won an election for favorite cereal against his archenemy Quake. Quisp returned to his quadrangle in Planet Q in the late 70s to replenish Earth's Quisp cereal supply and recently re-entered Earth's atmosphere as the first Internet Cereal.

More about the Quisp character:
Quisp, a 1960s-style alien from the planet “Q,” is cute, witty and edgy, but also lovable. He weighs in at 43 pounds and is just under four feet tall. He devotes his efforts to delivering Quisp, his “quispy, quunchy, quazy energy cereal” to the inhabitants of Earth and beyond. Dressed in a green spacesuit with a propeller on his head, the pink Quisp flies round speaking in his high and lispy Brooklynesque accent, peppering his sentences with random and unexpected emphasis. Often, his eyes will roll about in their sockets, leaving one with the impression that Quisp is crazy. But Quisp is not crazy - just having fun, as his impish grin shows.

Quisp Collectibles are Hot:
A 1969 Quisp Beanie cereal premium, in pristine condition, recently sold for $1,025 on a auction website. Other purchases included $600 for a 1968 Quisp SpaceQuaft Cereal Box, $310 for a 1960's Quisp Red Smoke Gun and $265 for a QuispMobile Box.

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quisp cereal


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