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Birthday Freebies

Here is a list of Birthday freebies for things like free dinners, free ice cream and special birthday coupons.  Companies want you to visit their establishment to become frequent customers, so to entice your patronage they offer free birthday treats and meals. Simply join their free birthday clubs and they will send you a email reminder before your birthdate to come and collect your free birthday gift.  I have had good luck with all of the birthday freebies listed on this page so I hope you enjoy them too!

Don't worry about eating too much on your birthday. Many of these deals are good for your entire birthday month.

My personal favorites are the Ice Cream Birthday Freebies from:
-  Baskin Robbins
-  Cold Stone Creamery
-  Carvel

Send a Personalized Birthday eCard
I love these cards! They are so creative and will surely put a smile on the recipients face  :)

Click “Get Started”, Upload your photos for each character & continue through until you are finished.  You can then watch & share your Personalized Birthday Card!

Here are more birthday freebies I found:

Burger King Birthday Club for Kids
Sign up your child to be a member of Club BK so they can get a free kid’s meal on their birthday.

Friendly's Birthday Club
Free ice cream cone; good for one month.

Dairy Queen
Join the Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club and get a free ice cream cone on your birthday as well as a coupon for a blizzard when you join.

Ruby Tuesday
Let us know the date and we'll send you the gift of a special offer to mark the occasion.

Red Lobster
Join the Overboard Club and they will email you a suprise for your birthday.

The Melting Pot (click on Club Fondue)
Free Chocolate Fondue for two

Marie Callender's E-Club
Adults get $5 off an entree plus a free slice of pie. Ages 12 and under get a free kids meal and a bakery treat.

Red Robin Birthday eClub
Free burger of your choice; some restaurants also include a free small sundae. Good for one week before and one week after birthday.

Black Angus Steakhouse
Get a free steak dinner on your birthday when you join the BA Prime Club. You also get a complimentary dessert for signing up for the club.

We are always adding new birthday freebies to this list so check back soon for more.

If you know of a birthday freebie we should add to the list please email the description
and website link to me.
Email your birthday freebie

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